Experiences of an American Mommy Raising her kids in the United Kingdom

Monday, July 11, 2011

Resistance Is Futile!!

It amazes me how quickly the kids are picking up the accent here. On the way to school today, Princess Pie said, "Mummy (as opposed to Mommy), those tomatoes (with an a as in father) are properly smashed on the pavement (sidewalk). They still have accents that are very much American, but they are slowly but surely becoming assimilated into proper Brits.

Bugsy is making a conscious choice to become British as quickly as possible. He came home from school on his first week and announced to me that he will no longer call me Mommy because that is no longer my name. It will be Mummy from here on out. I have to say that in a strange way, I found this upsetting. It was difficult letting go and sending him to school after have full control of his education. But now, in less than a week, he was changing my name? I had to laugh at myself for becoming unsettled. However, the reality for me was that I am no longer the center of his universe. There is now a little Union Jack planted firmly in the middle and I am just left of center. I know that everyone will say that it is inevitable and a natural part of him growing up. My response to them is "so?". No one ever tells you as a mother how doing what is best for him will make you cry. No one tells you how you can feel terrified and lonely and proud and excited and apprehensive and a million other things all at once in a moment that you knew was coming and should not find shocking. It makes me proud and happy to feel so attached to this little boy. I may not still be the center of his universe, but he will always be the center of mine.

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