Experiences of an American Mommy Raising her kids in the United Kingdom

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome to my blog

We have recently moved to the UK from the USA. Dragon Daddy is Welsh and I am American which gives the kids dual citizenship and the confusion of two parents divided by a common language. The kids were raised in the USA until now. Bugsy was home schooled for the beginning of his education. Since moving here, he has started year 2 in a public school which is the American equivalent of first grade. Princess Pie went to preschool in the USA and will start Reception in the fall. Madman and Pocket Princess will still be with me for a little while longer. I am starting this blog to chronicle my misadventures in mothering while trying to assimilate into British culture.

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  1. You're only doing this to make Tayler jealous aren't you?